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Zsuzsa views the environment and space surrounding us as a symphony of interacting shapes, colors and lights. It is important to her that the personality of the people inhabiting or working in a given space should be allowed to fully blossom in order to breathe life into their home, place of work or office headquarters.

As a communications expert, she first started working in a small enterprise in the field of customer relations. She soon proceeded to open her own venture designing and manufacturing plexiglass products, advertising equipment and shop fittings.

In her job she found motivation in forming and maintaining long-term friendly professional relations with her partners. Despite enjoying the creative process of furniture and object design, she missed the sense of creating something truly intimate and personalized. Her quest for this experience has led her to the world of interior design. She complemented her existing knowledge by obtaining an Interior Stylist qualification at Werk Academy. She felt that her years of design experience, her extensive knowledge of materials and her insight into the application of continually evolving technologies would be put to good use in this new area that lies especially close to her heart.

Sharing the design process and working shoulder-to-shoulder with her clients to achieve a balance of functionality and harmony has been one of her oldest dreams.

Martina believes that carefully constructing the environment that surrounds us is one of the most important steps towards achieving general well-being. Applying a holistic approach, she aims to find the perfect way in which an individual and her/his environment can harmoniously cooperate. When designing living spaces, her guiding principles are value creation, minimalism and sustainability.

She is a certified special needs teacher and therapist. After graduating, her unrelenting desire to improve herself and her environment ended up saturating her entire career. Besides pursuing therapeutic development, she has worked with remodeling and coordinating apartments and rental accommodations. Led by her wish to combine these two fields, she acquired her second degree as an interior stylist at Werk Academy Budapest and also completed the official KonMari® (professional organizing) training course in Los Angeles. With the latter she became the second certified professional KonMari® consultant in Hungary. In her free time she enjoys playback improvisational theatre, yoga, sports and forest therapy, which are all important sources to replenish her creative energy.

She utilizes her multifaceted experience as both an interior designer and a KonMari® organizing consultant, seeking to individually support her clients on the road to achieving their goals.


    You’d like to design and decorate your home yourself, but you feel you’ve hit a bump? Our consultation service is designed to help you get over that bump and supply you with a fresh batch of inspiration and professional advice.

    What does it include?

    • Discussing your questions, problems and issues
    • Mapping out possibilities based on your floor plan
    • Drafting and coordinating styles, colors and materials
    • Recommending purchase locations and useful links

    A consultation session lasts 2 hours.

    Service fee: 25.000 HUF/session (including VAT)

    For every extra half hour commenced: 10.000 HUF/hour


    An in-depth consultation service including visual display. This service is perfect for you if you don’t need comprehensive blueprints, but you’d like to be prepared before jumping into the detailed design process and implementation.

    What does it include?

    • On-location client needs discovery workshop: a personal meeting to get to know the details of the design task and familiarize ourselves with the lifestyle and tastes of our lient(s).
    • Draft plan, furnishing plan: coordinating client expectations and architectural attributes based on the received floor plan. We mark each room and its function on a black-and-white scaled floor plan, including spatial connections and furniture contours. Please note that this plan cannot be used as a blueprint for construction! For construction plans please refer to our COMPLEX DESIGN WITH 3D VISUALIZATION service.
    • Style plans and visualization: defining guidelines for finishing materials, colors and harmonies used in the final space. Assembling colored visual concepts for main spaces without including exact texture details.

    Service fee: This type of consultation is unique and complex by nature, as it depends on the attributes of the given space and the expectations of our client. Please get in touch for a personalized offer!


    Assembling interior construction plans including 3D visualization based on concept design and style plans. This service is perfect for you if you are looking for a comprehensive package or planning a complete renovation or remodeling.

    What does it include?

    • On-location client needs discovery workshop: a personal meeting to get to know the details of the design task and familiarize ourselves with the lifestyle and tastes of our client(s).
    • On-location site evaluation
    • Concept design and style plans: scaled floor plan with furnishing details, colored visual concepts, wall views of main spaces;
    • Tile layout, paving & paneling plan: displays all types of tiles and paneling used, complete with paving patterns;
    • Lamp distribution plan: displays the exact location and type of lamps and light sources on the floor plan;
    • Light switch and power socket plan: displays the location of light switches and power outlets on the floor plan;
    • Photorealistic visualization: 3D visuals showing the designed space from multiple angles in photorealistic quality;
    • Consignation and summary of the all interior design materials necessary for construction.

    Service fee: This type of design service is unique and complex by nature, as it depends on the attributes of the given space and the expectations of our client. Please get in touch for a personalized offer!


    You have probably noticed that in some cases retail furniture is simply unable to fit optimally into your space and fulfil every requisite. During our design commissions we are always happy to recommend custom furniture solutions, for which we provide exact plans ready to be implemented by professional furniture makers.

    • Next-level storage: practical use of space, custom measurements, special fittings;
    • Personalized design: unique small furniture, room dividers, multifunctional furniture;
    • DIY solutions: ideas for furniture restoration and reusing existing pieces.

    Service fee: Please get in touch for a personalized offer!


    You are finally living in your dream home, but the chaos keeps swallowing up everything? You have too much stuff and too little storage space? Wrestling your possessions into order seems like a constant, never-ending struggle? You go through feverish bouts of tidying and organizing, yet everything becomes hopelessly cluttered again in just a few days?

    We believe that our living spaces should support our overall well-being, facilitate our personal development and help optimize everyday activities.

    Our professional organizing service relies on the KonMari™ Method. We will help you set up efficient storage solutions and reorganize your home to have a clear and harmonious space around you that is fully able to support your well-being and desired lifestyle.

    For detailed information please see our MIYABI LIVING


    You feel that your environment doesn’t reflect your personality? Are you missing that special something to create true harmony? You’d like to highlight your favorite items and emphasize the character of your home? The difficulties of renovation wore you down and now you have no desire left to decorate? This service is perfect for you if you are ready to give your finished space that extra oomph through clever interior styling tricks!

    What does it include?

    • On-location evaluation of the design task and discussing your questions
    • Summarizing ideas and assembling a consignation table of recommended products
    • Assistance in acquiring decorating elements and their on-site arrangement

    Finish styling literally means the finishing touches—the very last phase of the styling process. It does not include actual design tasks, as we recommend only readily available decorating products for a finished space. These can also be complemented with DIY ideas and decorative wall painting.


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MIYABI’s mission is to create living spaces that support overall well-being, facilitate personal development and help optimize everyday activities.

Instead of blindly following trends we offer timeless solutions—harmony, after all, never goes out of style.

The Japanese expression ‘miyabi’ encompasses the aesthetic ideal of clarity, sophistication and elegance. It is the enjoyment of silence. It’s a glimpse of a tree branch, a scent, or a movement. It’s abstractly natural, it’s abstracted nature itself. It’s our sensitivity to beauty. The noble idea of miyabi stands for leaving behind everything that’s rough and common, while recognizing each tiny circumstance that replenishes our soul and brings us joy in life.

When designing interiors, we emphasize aligning individual needs to the spatial capacities dictated by the environment. Providing our clients with personalized solutions is a cornerstone of our work. We aim to bring out the inner character of each space while also bringing to the fore its inherent value and hidden beauty. First in Hungary, we decided to enrich our interior design services by applying some of the principles of the Japanese KonMari® Method. Becoming fully familiar with and learning to rely on this approach is the fundamental base of our MIYABI Living module.