Your apartment is finally organized the way you’ve always wanted, but you feel that something is still missing to truly bring it to life and make it into a real home? You held on to your favorite objects during sorting and organizing, but now you just can’t find the right place for them? You’d like your environment to reflect more of your personality? This service is perfect for you if you are ready to give your finished space that extra oomph through clever interior styling tricks!

What does it include?

  • On-location evaluation ofthe design task and discussing your questions
  • Summarizing ideas and assembling a consignation table of recommended products
  • Assistance in acquiring decorating elements and their on-site arrangement

Finish styling literally means the finishing touches—the very last phase of the styling process. It does not include actual design tasks, as we recommend only readily available decorating products for a finished space. These can also be complemented with DIY ideas and decorative wall painting. Please get in touch for a personalized offer.