I believe that carefully constructing the environment that surrounds us is one of the most important steps towards achieving general well-being. Applying a holistic approach, I aim to find the perfect way in which an individual and their environment can harmoniously cooperate. When designing living spaces, my guiding principles are value creation, minimalism and sustainability.

I am a certified special needs teacher and therapist. After graduating, my unrelenting desire to improve myself and my environment ended up saturating my entire career. Besides pursuing therapeutic development, I have worked with remodeling and coordinating apartments and rental accommodations in Budapest. My wish to combine these two fields has led me to acquire my second degree as interior stylist at Werk Academy Budapest. I have also completed the official KonMari® (professional organizing) training course in Los Angeles, with which I became the second certified professional KonMari® consultant in Hungary.

In my free time I enjoy playback improvisational theatre, yoga, sports and forest therapy, which are all important sources to replenish my creative energy.

Utilizing my multifaceted experience, I am happy to support you as a KonMari® consultant and interior designer on the road to breaking down environmental and psychological barriers to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.