When you arrive home at the end of the day, does your apartment evoke a sense of calm in you or do you feel disheartened by the sight? Do you feel that your home has “shrunk” with the amount of stuff you now own? Do you have more storage equipment than furniture you can relax with? You’ve even thought about moving just to have more space for your things?

How do you know it’s time to tidy up your environment once and for all?


  • Most mornings you panic because you can’t find what you need.
  • In order to choose your outfit for the day you have to go through countless ensembles until you finally find the right one.
  • Your shoes are lying in piles on the floor or at the bottom of your wardrobe, because you have nowhere else to put them.
  • You keep folding your clothes, but your wardrobe and drawers get messy just the same.
  • In the kitchen you have to move some things out of the way to access certain appliances or tools, so you hardly ever use these or end up not using them at all.
  • You have no idea what lies at the depth of your pantry or cupboards, so sometimes you accidentally buy things you already have.
  • Your toiletries and cosmetics occupy lots of space in your bathroom, yet you hardly ever use any of them.
  • Those piles of bills, notes, children’s drawings and magazines keep growing and growing.
  • You never find a sharp knife, your good pair of scissors or your pen when you need them.
  • It’s easier not to use your storage closets at all: you are a bit afraid to open them, not knowing what will fall out.
  • Your countertops and the surfaces of your tables, dressers and shelves are constantly buried under pieces of paper, books, clothes and other knick-knacks.
  • Your home is simply not what you desire, and you’d like to have a space that is more tidy, organized and usable—and one that you’d be able to keep that way.

What will I bring to the mix?

1. Motivation & affirmation: It’s possible you’ve already read up on the topic, yet you can’t seem to get started with the actual, hands-on organizing. Or you’ve tried multiple methods with no success, which has taken out the wind of your sails…

I’ll help you get your motivation up and running! Once you start the work, you’ll get some well-earned sense of success.

2. Physical and emotional support: As we progress, the amount of things to sort through and the emotions they evoke can become a bit overwhelming.

You won’t have to weather these trying episodes on your own—I’ll be right beside you!

3. Project schedule and timeboxing: Organizing, tidying and sorting out your things can take up a lot of time, especially if you happen to get lost in the details or if your focus is diverted by other activities.

I’ll help you with scheduling and timeboxing techniques to finish decluttering your environment in the shortest timeframe possible!

4. Real-time, impartial feedback: During the organizing process you may encounter discouraging or diverting factors that make you feel insecure and create a hang-up in your workflow.

I’ll be there to provide objective feedback—and no judgements—to help you get over these hang-ups!

5. Personalized guidelines and tools: No two homes or clients are exactly alike, so there is no general solution to apply.

I’ll familiarize myself with your exact expectations and possibilities to continue to inspire you with concrete methods and ideas!

6. Resource planning, professional overview and experience: Just as a fitness instructor won’t do the push-ups for you, I can’t complete the Tidying Marathon in your stead.

I can, however, offer you valuable insight into a new approach and train your “organizing muscles” with new abilities and ideas, so you’ll be strong enough to tame your surroundings once and for all!

Are you ready to tidy up your environment… and your life?